About Us

IANAP is a vocational training center which was founded in 2007, located in Volos city. Since 2014 has branches in Thessaloniki and Karpenissi in Evrytania. Our center activates in the field of lifelong learning and vocational training and is certified by Greek government (EOPPEP) [certification code 10718-07].

IANAP has more than 15 years of experience in adult training, seminars and workshops while we provide training services in people from all over Greece through our e-learning platform. It also provides comprehensive education and counseling services that promote the development of human resources.

IANAP has implemented many co-funded training programs for unemployed aged 18 – 64 years old which included vocational counseling, theoretical and practical training in order to help them enter or re-entering the labor market. These programs are financed mainly by the National Ministry of Labor or OAED (National Manpower Employment Organization) and they are targeting at reducing unemployment and reintegrating the unemployed people into the open labor market.

Additionally, we have collaborations with the largest sectoral employers’ organizations in order to implement employee training programs to enhance their qualifications and train them on cutting-edge issues. These programs are implemented every year and they are co-financed by OAED (National Manpower Employment Organization).

In addition to funded employment training programs, we offer high-level short and long-term training for individuals who are interested in in enriching their qualifications and empowering their knowledge or their current position in the labor market. These programs are organized by IANAP in collaboration with universities and experienced and acclaimed university professors and are offered through face to face or distance training.

IANAP has collaborations with foreign universities from Bulgaria (University of Kliment Ohridski) and Cyprus (European University) as we are a registration center for Greek students, while we are also official examination center for Greek students in Volos for European university.

Finally, we offer training programs for adults regarding basic skills and qualifications that everyone needs like English language or basic computer skills accompanied by the appropriate certifications.

IANAP has about 12 employees, higher education graduates with extensive experience in vocational training and in organizing educational and training programs, while it has facilities capable of training up to about 250 people at the same time ( in Volos, Thessaloniki and Karpenissi).